Anonymous: I wouldn't let social justice intervene with the stats. Men who have sex with men are more affected by with HIV than any other group in the states. This is to protect hemophiliacs and others who would need to use that blood. Making you feel more equal is not enough reason to risk other people's lives. If you want to create change, educate your community about HIV and lower the stats.


Actually, it’s high time that you educated yourself. MSM rank pretty high on the list when it comes to instances of new HIV infections iver the past few years. However, when it comes to overall populations that are affected by HIV, the African American community has the unfortunate distinction of being most affected by the disease, due to the rampant stigma in many of those communities associated with even getting tested. But racial discrimination would never ever fly with the FDA. Let’s also not forget that every single blood donation is exhaustively tested for a host of blood borne diseases, including HIV, before it goes anywhere near a patient. So stop trying to cherry pick outdated or incomplete stats to bolster your ignorant and bigoted arguments.